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These are the marks to look out for to ensure you are dealing with a REAL florist & business

Only REAL florists can give you bespoke floral creations with no sneaky commissions taken out!

look for the Verified Florist marks. Business & Individual. 

The Hidden 53 sec Video that Google Hates

What is a

REAL florist?

Local Hero Business:
Physically located in or neighbouring the local area
Person taking your order is making your order:
Not a call center. Normally a head florist in a florist shop, possibly assisted by another senior or junior florist.
No female Names for their flower selection:
Bespoke flowers are created at a REAL florist. They don't get named for cookie cutter mass production. Florists speak about the purpose of the flower order, value & colours. They don't call them Sharon, Lisa or Amanda.
Majority of orders taken are made up in store:
Bespoke. Made up in house. Not passed along to other florists delivery for a commission or profit.

FAKE florists shamed

Who would have known that FAKE florists is actually a thing?

Big National companies that are awesome at marketing.
 They spend up BIG on Goole PPC & they often times end up tricking you into thinking you are placing an order with a real local florist.

What is a FAKE florist?

  •  Spends big on Google Search Words: They will pay huge amounts of money to get your clicks. Sometimes up to $40 a click. Crazy.
  •  Cyber Squats: They will sometimes camp out on a name, especially if it is a suburb name that the florist has in it.                                  Example: Daisys florist in Sherwood.The Fake Florist places the add with the heading “Sherwood Florist”. Confusing hey!
  •  Doesn’t disclose what they take out of the amount paid: Not disclosing commissions, relay or order fees.
  •  Order Gather: If they pass on over 25% of orders they generate, they aren’t a florist, they’re a marketing company.
  •  Masquerades as a local business: Although they aren’t located anywhere near the area.
  •  Names their selection by Female names: Because it’s mass production, cookie cutter production most mass production factories choose to name their floral item using a girls name.

FAKES take value out of the money you pay, up to 65%

Depending on which Fake Florist you end up falling victim too, you could pay $100 for a flower arrangement and delivery that is only worth $35 in Value.

Fakes with hold between 25% – 65% of the order value.

The worst part of this whole decption is:-

“They don’t disclose this fact to you when you are ordering!”

So if ordering from a business ask them if they make up the order on site to the full 100% value.

Tell them you’ll be checking the received order with your recipient & you’ll be seeking a refund if they don’t provide you with 100% value.

FAKES often have Review Gaps on their social channels

Fake Florists often delete entire blocks of comments because their feedback was so poor from customers.
It’s a clever trick because by deleting good & bad comments you could argue that “we weren’t acting deceptively your honour, we were just cleaning up our social media channels”.  NOT!
Before ordering with a business check the dates around peak periods Ie FEB & MAY to see if there is big GAPS in reviews.

FAKES try to act like they are located in the local area, but they aren’t.

Normally they operate out of 1 super warehouse located centrally in a major CBD. They will produce the good orders into this capital city and then pass on any other order to any other area to an order fulfillment partner.

REAL florists are local small businesses that rely on you to make a living

REAL florists buy their flowers Farm Fresh to ensure quality for you!

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